Affilorama Review

If you are in to affiliate marketing, you know how difficult it can get at times. This is all due to the intense amount of competition that is surrounding you from all sides. No matter how hard you are trying or which latest tactic you are applying, it is just not helping you to get your desired results. And that is where Affilorama comes in. This is a membership site which has been designed to teach you not only the basics of affiliate marketing, but also the tricks of the trade. This program has been created by the legendary marketing strategist Mark Ling, along with his partner Simon Slade.

Since it is a completely new product which has been introduced to the market, there is still a certain amount of hesitation and sceptic attitude that surrounds this product. That is why here we will be giving you a complete Affilorama review.

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What is Affilorama?

It is a software which provides the user with a comprehensive program of learning all there is to know about improving your affiliate marketing. It includes the following features:

  • Training and videos

This program offers absolutely free video training lessons on almost all the aspects which are related with affiliate marketing. The best part is that it comes with written notes.

  • Internet forums

With the help of internet forums, you will be able to get assistance with your internet site, ask any questions that pop up in to your mind, or even just conduct a casual conversation with individuals who share the same views and opinions as you. This forum is an excellent place from where you will be able to get some amazing tips from several other affiliates and even from the staff of Affilorama.

  • Affiliate marketer tools

Here, the user will get to know about the tools which are most commonly used by an affiliate marketer. Some of these include speeding up your marketplace research, checking your own backlinks, and finding out that one particular top-quality score of your own landing web page. An entire section has been dedicated to discussing these affiliate tools so that you can also jump right ahead on your path to success.

  • Views of the guru

founder_of_affilorama_Mark_LingThe famous creator of this program, Mark Ling is truly an exceptional affiliate marketer. So to give his users an extra benefit, he travels all over the world to conduct interviews with other great affiliate marketers. In this way, you will be able to learn the secrets of success from these people.

Click Here To Visit The Official Affilorama Website

Who can use this program?

Now after reading what Affilorama is all about, you might be thinking that this program is not really cut out for you. But actually that is just a wrong train of thought that you are going on. This is because this program can be used by anyone, regardless of the level of skill that they possess. This program will help them to boost the revenue and traffic of their affiliate websites.

As for those people who already have a certain amount of experience with affiliate marketing will also be able to benefit from this program. This program will help them how to expand their business and reach new targets of customers, while saving both money and time.

After that, there is another type of users – these are people who are slightly experienced but still trying to find their way in the giant maze of what we call affiliate marketing. By using this program, they will be able to find out any issues which they are facing with their websites. In addition, they will also be able to create an extensive web of backlinks without the help of anyone. They will also have the wise words of affilorama_blueprint-300x198Affilorama Mark Ling to help them all throughout the way so that they do not stutter at any point.

As for the beginners, this will be a completely new experience for them. This is because they will come across some many new tools of which they have not heard of. But with the right guidance and direction, they will be able to learn about all this in no time at all.


  • It provides a payment plan of three years for those looking for premium membership
  • This program provides the option of free membership for those curious people wanting to find out what this program is all about
  • Mark Ling is providing an unbeatable price of $1, even if it is only for the first month
  • It provides an access to support with the help of an online forum
  • Provides training tutorials on a step by step basis in order to help you get easily started to affiliate marketing. This is also to make sure that the users have no trouble at all in understanding the concepts
  • Web hosting which includes up to fifteen domains
  • Interviews done on a one on one basis with an internet marketer and an affiliate who is currently successful


  • It is considered to be slightly expensive compared to the other training programs which are being provided out there
  • Extra payment will have to be made for those looking for premium membership
  • Some of the training sessions does not follow the best marketing practices. In this way, you can run the risk of your business becoming penalized
  • With free membership, only a limited amount of training is provided
  • Some of the training practices which are taught are quite outdated
  • There is no access of contacting the owner Mark Ling
  • The support system is not instant. This means that it might take some time to get a response.


So now that brings us to the end of the review of Affilorama. Even though it does have some minor issues which need fixing, these are things which can be easily overlooked as well. Besides promoting his own products, Mark Ling also continues to promote other products as well. All in all, it is a complete package for both beginners and expert affiliate marketers. In the space of thirty days, you will be able to learn a lot from it.